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The Forum Page



 If you have already registered and have a 'user name' from the Danae, Yarmouth, Undaunted, or Eagle forums or if you just want to browse  then click on the button and carry on, but if you what to register when you get there and don't know how, then read on before you go, then get stuck in.

Jack's Corner


To Register on the forum page click on

*Login   * Register 


Then on the next page click on

 “I Agree to these terms and am over or exactly 13 years of age”

I Agree to these terms and am over or exactly 13 years of age

I Agree to these terms and am under 13 years of age

I do not agree to these terms


On the next page complete the form and where it asks for a 'user name' either create one, for instance you are away 'Jack Tar' or use your own name, when choosing a password just a word that you'll remember the next time you come back.


If you want to create an Avatar to identify yourself and you know how to then please do so, or you can contact me here at. below are some of the ones being used on the forum at the moment 



'Rex et jura nostra'  'Our King and Laws'    1959 - 1986


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