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Friday 4th & Saturday 5th JULY 2014

Another Combined Run with the lads of HMS Danae

Wash Up

Well what can I say about last week end? …… It was just perfect, it would seem you all thoroughly enjoyed yourselves, starting with the Friday DTS at the Nine Bar many more than usual turned up for an afternoon session, didn’t any of you have anything better to do than sup wets for several hours ?, then as easy as you like slip off for a ‘baff and dobes’ before another sesh in the Strawberry which, despite all the warnings and reservations about it not being suitable from those that were not attending anyway, turned out to be a magic run enjoyed by everyone that attended. The Manager even bought us a wet before chucking us out at 0200. Those still able to mutter a few unintelligible words fell into the Sandman Hotel Bar and performed until around 0330. At which time all were totally confused as to the whereabouts of the FULL SIZE HORSE that usually stood in the foyer; needless to say it was back in position at Breakfast time, Jack must have stayed at the Hotel before and carried out unspeakable acts on it so it was best stabled just in case.

Next the DTS and LOUD shirt contest at the Casino Sports Bar the beer flowed well and despite several ratings trying to ply the prospective Judge (The Barmaid) with wets Dave Patterson was judged the winner and duly present with a Bottle of delicious Kraken Rum. Dave generously and promptly decided to fill the shot glasses, magically produced from thin air by John Holness, whereupon we raised the glass and toasted ‘Absent Friends’, yes I know it wasn’t the correct toast but it was appropriate. The afternoon continued until around 1700 when it was time to return to hotels to prepare for the Evening.

1830 Muster at the Hotel Bar and although several were adrift most managed to be at the Magpie suite by 1900. What a turn out that was many wore No1’s (Civvy type) and started a fantastic evening of entertainment. Trev Roberts did us proud with a great spread of big eats, Where else would you get ‘Babies Heads’ AND ‘Cheesy Hamy Eggy’ Trevor you are a Star. A tour of St James Park was enjoyed by some including a couple of Sunderland supporters. The occasion was further enlightened by Charlie and Julie Proud’s Wedding Anniversary and we surprised them with a Triffid and getting then on the Dance Floor to have the first Dance of the evening. Julia (the wife) and George Hubbard did well with the Raffle and Auction raising £300 for the RNBT, I was also honoured by a donation for a cause close to me which I will explain about in another post. I could go on and on about the things individuals got up to, but you all know what a run ashore is like so I will leave it there, other than to answer the many requests not to make that the last run by saying …… the ‘Reunions’ as such for me are over BUT the ‘Runs Ashore’ / Get togethers are very much ongoing and this I will explain via email / Facebook .



The Strawberry Friday Evening


Casino Sports Bar Saturday DTS / Loud Shirt


Saturday Evening Magpie Suite St James Park


The Hotel




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