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Reunions are a way of meeting up with Old Shipmates from the time you served onboard the Old Girl and for meeting and making new friends of Shipmates that served on her at different times. A great time is always had by everyone that turns up. A raffle of one sort or another is usually part of the occasion and proceeds are donated to a charity. The venue varies so that each one is in a different part of the UK.

To view photographs and details of past reunions click on the links on the left.


Gosport 2002 London 2002 Penrith 2003 Portsmouth 2003 Rosyth 2004 Mini Meet 2004 Yarmouth 2004 Rosyth 2005 Yarmouth 2005 Birkenhead 2006 Rosyth 2006 Weymouth 2006 Rosyth 2007 Blackpool 2008 Bristol 2009 Portsmouth 2010 Rosyth 2010 Newcastle 2011 Edinburgh 2012 Portsmouth 2013 Birmingham 2013



'Rex et jura nostra'  'Our King and Laws'    1959 - 1986


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