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Cyprus 2018

With a PIVOTAL date being Monday 14th May


Last year we had a fanatic time with everything working out very well for everyone that came, all but a few booked All Inclusive at the KING EVELTHON Beach Resort Hotel. It is 5 Start and in true matelot fashion we made an impression which was returned in kind by the staff looking after us all very well.  The food was exceptional and and a great variety that suited everybody, even Julia enjoyed her chips. They have a ballroom which we used each night with good entertainment laid on, also a sort of Karaoke spot which was great as many of the lads did their thing making it memorable. I won't go into the rest of the good stuff as there are so many and if you look at the photos and the website you can see for your selves.

As far as an agenda is concerned I will put one together if its something everybody, or most want, I'd love to have a 'Mess Dinner. one night and perhaps arrange a Visit / Culture tour, using my friends out there that have knowledge of Cyprus and being local to arrange things in advance, there is one place I would like for us all to go, the last time we were there it was out of season and closed, but like I said if an agenda is called for that's the sort of things to sort. In any case Cyprus has some fabulous places to see and you can do your own thing as and when you want, But I do recommend you go All Inclusive it is well worth it.

Below are some details of the Travel Company we used last time and are using this time, have a look using the links and you can add / manipulate for what will suit you. You can be there before the 14th and stay after the 21st its you call.

Flying from Arrive Pathos Depart for UK Nights Link to detail / Booking
Manchester Friday 11th Friday 18th 7 Love Holidays
London Gatwick Friday 11th Friday 18th 7 Love Holidays
Manchester Monday 14th Monday 21st 7 Love Holidays
London Stansted Monday 14th Monday 21st 7 Love Holidays
Birmingham Saturday 12th Saturday 19th


Love Holidays
Bristol Friday 11th Friday 18th 7 Love Holidays
Bristol Monday 14th Monday 21st 7 Love Holidays

Those attending / showing an interest

  Who When  
  Ray & Julia  Lester

Monday      14th to  Monday 21st May

  Rob & Andrea Hewitson

Sunday        13th to Monday 20th May

  Buck & Kate Rodgers

Thursday     16th to Monday 21st May

  Frank Butler & Kitty McRaw

Sunday        13th to Monday 20th May


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