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Edinburgh 2016




Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November

There is a cost and it is 15 per head this will cover the Saturday Evening Venue, The Disco, Big eats some raffle prizes and a donation to the Club, all proceeds from raffle / auction and monies left over will go to PSTD Awareness.Fund.


Friday Day Time

Those arriving during the day and want to meet up for a DTS /  Tea  and Stickies (we are getting older now) 

Brewers Fayre Newhaven Quay , Leith

(next to the Premier Inn)
Friday Evening 1900

Meet up Warm up and Chin wag at


 Wetherspoons Pub  Constitution Street, Leith EH6 7AA

Saturday Day Time

Saturday DTS and Loud Shirt competition the

Haymarket Pub

(near the Train Station)

Saturday Evening
Saturday Evening The Main Event will be at
Leith Ex-serviceman’s Club
Smith's Place, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 8NT
Rig of the day

Veterans Rig or Smart Casual



Big Eats, Disco, Throw a Wicked Welly Raffle etc.

Big Eats Wets and Wicked Welly's
House Disco
Optional Rig of the Day Civvy  No1's
The Leith Ex-serviceman’s Club will hold a maximum of 100 so please let me know for sure you will be attending, and the way to confirm is by making your payment, you can pay by bank transfer / internet or cheque using the form at the link below. I will also accept payment through paypal
Click here for payment form
To pay by PayPal click on the link below and pay ray@rayal.co.uk
  Those Confirmed Attending
  Who  Number Ship   
  Ray & Julia Lester 2 Both  
  Back & Kate Rodgers 2 Danae  
  Archie & Karen Calderwood 2 Yarmouth  
  Craig & Terri Muxlow 2 Danae  
  Davey & Lesley Higgs 2 Yarmouth  
  Frank & Kitty Butler 2 Yarmouth  
  Ian 'Tommo' Thomas 1 Yarmouth  
  Trixie & Cheryl Treece 2 Both  
  Malcolm & Angela Spencer 2 Honorary  
  Ronnie Gloster 1 Danae  
  Stuart & Angela Corr 2 Yarmouth  
  Jack & Ruth Bryce 2 Danae  
  Derek Chambers 1 Yarmouth  
  Ian Fairbain 1 Yarmouth  
  George & Angela Chilvers 2 Yarmouth  
  Pub & Debbie Bryant 2 Danae  
  Will Sandison 2 Yarmouth  
  Ivan French 1 Danae  
  Don Cunningham 1 Danae  
  Danny Melville 1 Yarmouth  
  Alan Smith 1 Yarmouth  
  Sean Mills 1 Yarmouth  
  Graham Boagey 1 Yarmouth  
  Steve & Jane worsfold 2 Yarmouth  
  Whisky & Tina Walker 2 Yarmouth  
  Dutchy & Jen Holland 2 Danae  
  Tug Wilson 1 Yarmouth  
  Charlie Proud 1 Danae  
  Wayne Waslin 1 Danae  
  Dave & Sue Patterson 2 Yarmouth  
  James Mann 1 Yarmouth  
  Jimmy & Alena Griffin 2 Danae  
  BIlly Kent 1 Danae  
  Neil Owen 1 Danae  
  Paul, Michelle & Chloe Mann 3 Danae  
  Martin Lowry 1 Yarmouth  





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