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HMS Danae and HMS Yarmouth Reunion
Friday June 12th to Sunday 14th June 2020

The Reunion is on Island of Jersey, organised by local resident Danae Ship Dave Power, its an opportunity to have a good run ashore somewhere different and on a more sombre note, a Service of Remembrance for the Falklands Campaign. The weekend will be a chance to meet up with Shipmates from two Ships that have had similar runs ashore over the past 8 years, both 'up the line' and on occasion 'foreign', Dave has put together an agenda and for the Sunday Service and March Past rig will be Veterans Rig with medals.

The Friday 12th warm up

Meet up at the Dog and Sausage for a chinway and a few beers

Saturday Evening
The Alliance Club for Some Great Music Throw a wicked welly and a few more beers
Sunday Evening
The Alliance Club for a few more beers a Raffle and a chance to raise some money for rock to recovery for lads from the services suffering from PTSD
Sunday 14th 1030

Meet and Fall in at the Cenotaph

1100 Service of Remembrance Falklands 1982

On Completion March past Cenotaph and on to Royal Square.

Fall out




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