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Newcastle 2018

Friday 5th & Saturday 5th October

Friday DTS & Evening
The Strawberry
Strawberry Place, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4SF
DTS for anyone arriving during the day that wants to meet up for a few wets or Tea and Stickies
The Evening Meet up and have a chin wag and get the pipes oiled ready for the onslaught of Wine beer & Song for the Weekend and for those still standing after Lunch just keep going.
Saturday DTS


Stowell Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4XQ


Saturday Evening


From 1900 until 0100


Rig of the Day

  Gentlemen - Veterans Rig or Smart Casual  

Ladies - what ever you say


Time to meet up with long lost oppos and those you haven't seen in a while and even those you see far too often, have a good old chin wag throw some more wets down yer neck before having a nose bag of big eats. We have a Disco so those that must can throw a wicked welly.


Buffet Bigs Eats

Mini cheese & tomato pizza

Breaded fish goujons 

Vegetable spring roll

Buffalo chicken wings 

Sweet Potato Fries 

Homemade brownie bites 



2000 to 2359



All Donations Welcome Proceeds to



Late Bar

The Casino is Open 24/7 so why not have a flutter before you turn in.

  Those Attending No Ship  
  Ray & Julia Lester   Both  
  Derek & Wilma Castle 2 Yarmouth  
  Kevin & Tracey Ball 2 Guest  
  Davey Higgs 1 Yarmouth  
  Mark Jeavons + Mel 2 Yarmouth  
  Derek Chambers 1 Yarmouth  
  Frank & Kitty Butler 2 Yarmouth  
  Danny & Maria Melville 2 Yarmouth  
  Alan Smith & Wife 2 Yarmouth  
  Stuart & Angela Corr 2 Yarmouth  
  Ian & Cindy Fairbairn 2 Yarmouth  
  Jim Williams 1 Yarmouth  
  Scott Chilvers + 1 2 Yarmouth  
  Karl Dewing 1 Danae  
  Peter Fuller 1 Yarmouth  
  George Porter 1 Guest  
  Rob & Andrea Hewiston 2 Yarmouth  
  Eddy Durkin 1 Guest  
  John Ives & Wife 2 Guest  
  Tiny Armitage & Wife 2 Guest  
  John Buck Taylor 1 Guest  
  Paul Roache 1 Yarmouth  
  Jimmy & Janet Hodgeson 2 Danae  
  Andrew Todd 1 Yarmouth  
  Malcolm & Angela Spencer 2 Honorary  
  Ric & Sue Stopford 2 Yarmouth  
  George Connon + 1 2 Danae  
  Grahame Boagey 1 Yarmouth  
  Charlie & Julie Proud 2 Danae  
  Ian & Elaine Thomas 2 Yarmouth  
  Hadyn & June Beckwith 2 Yarmouth  
  Jimmy & Alena Griffin 2 Danae  
  Joe & Anne Jordan 2 Danae  
  Paul (Whiskey) Walker 1 Yarmouth  
  Pud & Debbie Bryannt 2 Danae  
  Trev Roberts 1 Yarmouth  
  Rannie Gloster 1 Danae  
  Dave Power 1 Danae  
  Paul & Michelle Mann 2 Danae  



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